Subaig Singh
New Direction feat. Roach Killa and Surinder Rattan

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Hi guys. I’m Subaig Singh. I am a singer from the UK specialising in Punjabi Folk and Bhangra but I have experimented with other genres as well. I’ve loved singing from a young age and I always felt that it was in me to become a professional singer but I never thought that it would actually happen. It appears to be a career door that has opened for me naturally and organically.

In order to make and promote my music, my mother and I set up our own record label called Mahaveer Records. We never envisaged that setting up a record label and promoting your own songs would be as challenging as it is. However, it is a labour of love for us as we steadily increase our portfolio of songs and music videos, evolving and improving every day. We feel blessed to be able to express ourselves in this way and show our art to the world.

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“Having said that, we have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the journey so far.

Everyone’s life is full of ups and downs and mine is no different. However, I feel very blessed to have experienced all the things that I have and I am very excited about my new venture into singing.”